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Donnie Yen (ACTOR) & Andy's family in Toronto

Andy Jun


This story begins with the birth of Andy in (Canton) Guangdong Province China. Andy and his siblings were later moved to Macau (colony of Portugal) at age 4 and raised by his paternal grandmother. Then move to Hong Kong (Colony of British) at age 8 and grow up with Cousin Donnie Yen (Action Kung Fu movie star & director). Andy & his whole family moved to Windsor (Ontario) in 1969 and Donnie and his families moved to Boston. Andy attended Dougall public school and didn’t know a word of English for the first 3 months and it was tough to adopt because of the language and the way he look, Andy had about 20 to 30 fights with many different people during the time he was at Dougall School. Andy had to learn Karate to defend himself. They were calling him names and bullying him. When Andy went to high School he plays hockey, soccer & football for WD Lowe. He also acquires few news paper routes and also started to work at restaurants during the high school years.

Andy’s hobbies includes: Playing sports, hot rods, marine fish, attending many seminars, always wanted to learn!

Andy has been a short order cook during the high school & university years. Andy got married in 1980, a skilled auto mechanic (Class A & Truck License) own and operated 3 Automotive Service Stations with repair garages at age of 25 form 1982-1996, an award winning professional photographer L.L.P.O. (Sharper Image photography from 1984-present). RBA Computer maintained from 1996-1999. Photoshop night school instructor at St. Clair College, from 1998 to present. Digital Imaging Studio & Design, a special event co-promoter from 2000-2010 Wedding Odyssey at the CioCiaro club. Curtis JK printing from 2002-2003. ReNu Kitchen Refacing from 2006 –present.

Andy has 3 grown children and 4 grand Childs.